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Zeus in May 2013

Zues talking to a doe in 2013

        SS: GCH Lake Country Sno Composition ++*B 89VEE
   Sire: SGCH Lake-Country Composit Scenerio ++*B 89VEE
      SD: SGCH Elements S Sophie's Suzannah 4*M
*B TIVIO FARM ZEUS AI AS1498891 (4-28-2009)
      DS: Windsor-Manor Franklin
   Dam: GCH Tivio Farm WMF Kissy 2*M 88VEEV
      DD: Two-Ceders Tasha *M

We were very lucky to get this great guy - thank you, Tivio Farm for consigning him to the AGPA 2009 Quad Show auction!  His dam is a lovely doe who shows and milks.  He is long, level and wide with a gorgeous head and has passed these traits on to his kids.  We were also very excited to get this information from ADGA:  "Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that a buck you own has qualified for the ADGA Sire Development Program (ADGA-SDP). According to performance records, he has a calculated Estimated Transmitting Ability (ETA) of 28 for Production over Type (2:1) and 18 for Type over Production (1:2)."


Moonshine in 2013
Looking for a lady!
Moonshine in 2008

       SS: +*B Two-Ceders Timothy
  SIRE: *B Two-Ceders Vance
     SD: Two-Ceders Rena II 3*M
JLT RANCH MOONSHINE S1402993 (3-21-07)
     DS: +*B Lake-Country Romantic Soverain
  DAM: GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
     DD: Two-Ceders Dream Kat 6*M

Thanks to JLT Ranch for selling us this great Purebred buck. He is long and tall with a great set of legs and feet. His kids have been winning in the show ring and we are liking the udders on his daughters.  Although Moonshine yearling daughters are often gawky and appear to be all legs, when they mature they are well worth waiting for. 


Chancellor - July 2012


Chancellor in December 2014

      SS:Willow-Brook Designer R Lauren ++*B
   SIRE: Patteran WBRL My Yeoman (LA 04-01 89 VEE)
      SD: CH Patteran Philosopher My Exotic (LA 10-11 91 VEEE)
Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor S1606521 3-23-12
       DS:Patteran RRRG Zytico
   DAM:  Patteran Zytico Annee (LA 02-01 90 VEEE)
       DD: Tradewinds Lucky's Annalee

Thank you, Patteran, for selling us this great, young purebred!  His first kids are on the ground and we couldn't be more pleased with them.  2013 update - Chancellor daughters were Grand and Reserve Junior Saanens at the 2013 AR State Fair!  Dandy Girl was 1st place yearling milker at the 2014 AR State Fair.  And Easy to Be was Grand Champion Junior Saanen.


Zipper - 2012

       SS: Winning-Ways Dream-Weaver *B
   Sire:  Two-Ceders D-W Patterson *B
       SD: Lake-Country Snofest Liza 4*M
HOYT FARMS ZIPPER AS1471999 (2/26/2009)
       DS:  Cerulean Long Tall Texan
   Dam: Hoyt Farms Sarahs T Venus
       DD: Hoyt Farms Sara

Zipper is a really solid doe - thick and wide throughout with a lot of strength.  She was Reserve Champion as a dry yearling but was really carrying too much weight.  Zipper freshened in 2012 with triplets and enough milk to feed three more!  She has a nice udder and is gentle on the milk stand.  Always answering when you call her name, Zipper is a joy to have in the barn. 
 Zipper was Grand Champion the only time shown in 2011 and she really looks good in 2012.  We hope to take her to a one day test in 2014.

Astoria - 2013

Astoria in 2014 - unposed and unclipped

          SS: Two-Ceders Vance *B
   Sire: JLT Ranch Moonshine
         SD: GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
HOYT FARMS ASTORIA S1509138 (1/29/2010)
         DS: Two-Ceders D-W Patterson *B
   Dam:  Hoyt Farms Kizzy 1*M
         DD:  Anonymous-Acres Little Debbie

Astoria was a long, level kid.  She was shown 3 times with 3 firsts,  1 Grand and 1 Reserve.   As a two year old, Astoria has freshened with a lovely, easy to milk, udder and a pleasing disposition on the milk stand.  She is a tall girl and is finally getting the body to go along with her legs.  At three, Astoria had put it all together.  Shown four times, she went Grand in every ring. While her udder does not appear large, it milks down to nothing and seems to never stop.  Upon milking her, my husband commented "this goat could feed a Third World country!".  

 After a nasty bought with pneumonia and then mastitis, Astoria is no longer a milking doe.  I had planned to sell her but she has come back into production on one side.  She will never again be a show doe but she still has a place here with us.  Her 2014 daughter, is just gorgeous and I plan to keep Astoria's genetics in the herd. 


Calliope yearilng milker in October 2013

Reserve Champion at age 2 in 2014
Thank you, Vicky Mullins, for showing her!

      SGCH Lake-Country Composit Scenerio ++*B
    Tivio Farm Zeus *B
        GCH Tivio Farm WMF Kissy
Hoyt Farms Calliope AS1585447
DOB 2/13/2012
          Cerulean Long Tall Texan
    Hoyt Farms Sarahs T Venus
          Hoyt Farms Sarah

Calliope is just so much fun to be around.  She was 1st Place yearling milker at the 2013 AR State Fair and did win Best Udder, although she didn't truly have enough milk in October to show off her udder.  She was being milked only once a day and giving just a bit over 1/2 gallon per day, all that we needed at that time.  Update:  Calliope was Reserve Champion Senior Saanen and Best Udder at the 2014 AR State Fair. 


Lizbeth yearling udder 2013

             Two Ceders Vance *B
     JLT Ranch Moonshine
             GCH Two-Cders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Chute "Em Lizbeth S1609545 DOB 2/29/2012
             Cerulean Sampson *B
    Hoyt Farms YMY Foolish
             Two-Ceders Whimper


Lizbeth is a tall, gawky yearling that is all legs, a typical Moonshine daughter.  She gave us a lovely doeling sired by Chancellor and is an excellent mother.   We think she will be hard to beat when she is a bit older and grows into her legs.  Lizbeth's daughter, Dazzle, was the Reserve Champion Junior Saanen at the 2013 AR State Fair
At age 2, Lizbeth is still trying to have enough body for her legs.  A poor disbudding job left her with a bit of a unicorn look and she slipped on a pallet and ripped her entire side open so she has an ugly scar when clipped.  But, she can certainly put the milk in the bucket!  She is very easy to milk and plans are for her to go to a one day milk test in 2014. 

Dandy - October 2013

1st place yearling milker, 3rd place Best Udder

         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
         Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS DANDY GIRL S1628304  (DOB 2-11-2013)
Two -Ceders D-W Patterson *B
    Hoyt Farms Zella Faye
          Hoyt Farms Amanda Willey 2*M

Dandy's dam is named for our neighbor.  When I told Zella that her namesake goat had kidded, she said "well, that kid must be a dandy" and there was the perfect name!  And she is a Dandy.  Big, long, level with nice width throughout and a lovely head, Dandy Girl was the Grand Champion Junior Saanen at the 2013 AR State Fair. 
As a first freshening yearling, Dandy is still a dandy.  Her udder has much better attachment than her dam's udder and, although her teats are not large, they are quite easy to milk.  She is a good mother and raised a lovely doe kid.  Update:  Dandy was 1st place yearling milker at the 2014 AR State Fair and 3rd place in Best Udder. 

Dazzle - October 2013

Dazzle as a milking yearling

         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
         Patteran Zytico Annee
HOYT FARMS DAZZLE   S1653122  (DOB 4-9-2013)
        JLT Ranch Moonshine
    Hoyt Farms Chute 'Em Lizbeth
        Hoyt Farms YMY Foolish

Dazzle is such a pretty girl.  This picture really doesn't do her justice!  She was Reserve Champion Junior Saanen at the AR State Fair standing behind her older, half sister, Dandy. 

As a first freshening yearling, Dazzle is not a tall girl.  But what an udder and what a kid she raised!  We sold her April born daughter in August.  At that time, Dazzle weighed in at 110#s and her kid weighed 102#s and had a barn name of "The Hulk".  She was almost as tall as her dam and much thicker.  Dazzle is easily giving a gallon a day with the Hulk gone and has a lovely shape to her udder.  If anything, I would ask for a bit longer teat size but I feel they will grow some with time.  Her dam has short, thick teats and Dazzle's are not quite as wide which is actually easier for me to milk.  Both Dandy and Dazzle squat and let their milk down whenever you reach under them.  So nice!


          Two-Ceders Vance *B
    JLT Ranch Moonshine
          GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Cynthia AS1609775  DOB 3/27/2012
         Two-Ceders D-W Patterson
    Hoyt Farms Zipper
        Hoyt Farms Sarahs T Venus

Cynthia was shown once in 2013, winning her class but she was really too fat.  She is bred to Chance for 2014 kids and we look for her to milk that weight off!  Update:  Cynthia has never kidded.  In November of 2014, she is running with Big Talker, the Nubian buck, and will live with him until Spring.  Hopefully, this will result in some Snubian kids.  Pregnancy report back and Cynthia is still open.  If anyone wants her, she is $50.  I have not taken her to the vet nor have I given her any hormones.  She does cycle regularly and stands for the buck but she has been bred multiple times. 

 Junior Saanens

Hoyt Farms Easy To Be - October 2014

         Patteran WBRL Yeoman 
     Patteran Yeoman MY Chancellor
        Patteran Zytico Annee 
Hoyt Farm Easy To Be  S1700891  2-23-2014 
        Cerulean Sampson *B 
    Hoyt Farms YMY Foolish 1*M 
           Two-Ceders Whimper  
The first time I did much with the 2014 kids, I put a collar on this one and she just led like she knew exactly what to do.  I said " you sure are easy" and there was her name.  She was the Grand Champion Junior Saanen at the 2014 AR State Fair and one of our 1st place Best Three Junior Doe entries.

Hoyt Farms Exceptional - October 2014


         Patteran WBRL My Yeoman
    Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor
        Pattran Zytico Anee 
Hoyt Farms Exceptional  S1700952  2-20-2014 
        JLT Ranch Moonshine
    Hoyt Farms Astoria
        Hoyt Farms Kizzy 1*M
Exceptional is just that.  She is a gorgeous kid, very tall and very open.  Although she placed 3rd the only time shown as a kid, she was at a gawky point, typical of some of our really tall kids.  I think she will be gorgeous when she gets it all together.  


         Two-Ceders Vance *B
    JLT Ranch Moonshine 
    GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Eureka S1700892  4-13-1024
        Patteran Yeoman My Chancellor 
    Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl
        Hoyt Farms Zella Faye
Eureka is another long, tall purebred kid.  She is gawky but like many Moonshine daughters but she should be lovely in a few years. 

         Two-Ceders Vance *B
    JLT Ranch Moonshine
        GCH Two-Ceders Taylor 7*M
Hoyt Farms Eesabella  AS1700890P  2-26-2014 
        Tivio Farm Zeus
Hoyt Farms Bella
        Hoyt Farms Yepa
Eesabella is a silly kid.  She gets into everything and then says "who me?  Not me!"  We love it that she is polled.   

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