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Pygmies For Sale - sold out for 2013

We weren't sure our old pygmy does would kid this year but on 3-30-2014, Lucy gave us a buck and a doe. Pictured below, the doe has a bit larger spot on her forehead.    These kids can be registered with the NPGA and are $250 each.  Doeling is sold pending deposit.




First kids of the year!  Very, very early on January 26, 2014, Baby X started off kidding season with triplets.  A moonspotted doeling, a big black and white spotted buckling and a red and white buckling.  The doeling has been sold and the dark red kid has been spoken for.  These are purebred kids sired by Big Talker.  The black and white buckling is for sale for $450.  He is a nice, wide and level kid, what I would call the older fashioned, dual purpose Nubian with a lot of bone.  Very friendly and always trying to get in my lap. His dam, Baby X is pictured also - picture taken in February of 2014, while nursing triplets.  Baby is a 7 year old and has had triplets almost every kidding.     SOLD pending payment.

Baby's spotted buckling

On February 3, Waltz kidded with a doe and buck sired by Cracker Jack.  The doe is retained and the buckling is for sale.  He is a leggy, showy boy who takes after his sire in general appearance.  He is shown below at about a month old.  $350 at weaning.





Our three experimental does have kidded and all kids have been sold.  




We have two bucklings for sale. Both are pictured below. 

On 2-20-2014, Astoria had two big, purebred kids sired by Chancellor.  The doe kid is retained but the buckling is for sale for $350.  Astoria is very large for a purebred, standing about 50 inches at the withers, and this is a big, long level boy.  He is being dam raised but since Astoria only has one side of her udder working due to mastitis last year, he is being supplemented with a bottle and is very, very friendly. 


On 2-22-2014, Zipper presented us with a big, single American Saanen buck sired by Moonshine.  Zipper is a very wide American Saanen doe who milks and milks and doesn't lose weight doing so.  Her udder is a dream to milk and, since not much ever bothers her, she is a favorite in the barn.  Zipper often has triplets so a single really was a surprise.   This boy looks to have Zipper's width and the Moonshine height.  He is $250.   

Purebred buckling Astoria x Chancellor
pictured at 5 weeks

American Saanen buckling Zipper x Moonshine
pictured at 5 weeks

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