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Hoyt Farms will begin taking orders for 2015 Nubian kids in January.  If you are interested in a certain breeding, I take orders and notify people if the kid they want is born.  At that time, I ask for a $50 deposit.  If you want a bottle baby, I need to know a head of time as I normally dam raise kids. 
Most years, I have kept extra buck kids and sold them in the fall.  Last year, we took any that had not been spoken for to the slaughter barn at 2 months old.  I hate to sell nice kids for slaughter but, realistically, they can't all be bucks and this greatly lessened the work load through out the summer and freed up milk to use for bottle calves.  I will probably do this again this year so if you are interested in a buck kid, please let me know by mid March. 

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