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 As happens every few years, I realize my herd has once again gotten larger than I can easily care for so I am offering some older does for sale.  It is always a hard decision but listed below are several of them.  Pictures and pedigrees can be seen on the breed pages of the webpage.



Hoyt Farms Zipper - Zipper is a six year old American Saanen.  I love this doe.  She is just a pretty girl with a strong, strong will to milk.  She has kidded easily six times for us and is a dream on the milk stand.  Her teats are large, making her quite easy to hand milk.  However, we dam raise and when she has doe kids, they often have trouble nursing those teats at first so I have to spend extra time with the kids.  Buck kids have never been a problem.  In the past, this has actually been great as I milk out quite a lot of colostrum and then have it on hand if needed.  But time has been short this year and I am selling the does who take more of my time.  Zipper is currently being dried off, something that is not easy to do, but I do not have the time to milk many does nor do I need them milk.  She is for sale now for $250 or for $350 in the fall, bred to the buck of choice.  

Hoyt Farms Calliope - Calliope is a lovely three year old American Saanen.  She is currently in milk and is raising a single doe kid.  She is a very gentle doe and is the goat of choice when someone wants to learn to milk.  She will stand while adults or children pull and squeeze until they get the hang of it.  She is a steady milker who will continue to milk as long as you wish but I would like for her to have more production for her age.  She will give about 3/4 gallon in the spring and the same in the late fall.   She is $450 but cannot leave until June when her kid is ready to wean.



Hoyt Farms Bubbles - Bubbles is a lovely four year old black and white spotted experimental doe.  She is 88% Nubian and her doe kids are registered as American Nubians.  Bubbles has lots of kids - normally triplets but quads in 2015.  And they were all does!  Bubbles also has lots of milk.  She won't win in the show ring as she needs a stronger fore udder but she will feed your family and probably the neighbors, too.  When bred to our spotted buck, she often produces very colorful kids.  But, I am trying to cut down my work load and Bubbles likes to either raise her kids or be milked but not both at the same time.  When she has kids and can't see them, she is fussy on the milk stand.  Bringing 3 or 4 kids into the milk room twice a day is too time consuming.  Once her kids are weaned, I am her baby and she is no problem.  Bubbles has been dried off now.  She is for sale for $300 now or for $400 bred to the buck of choice in the fall.


Hoyt Farms Waltz - Waltz is a nine year old purebred Nubian.  She is one of the most beautiful does on the place.  She lost her triplets this year when she kidded 2 months early.  She had been fighting to be the herd boss.  She is an old doe and is for sale to a good home for $100 if someone wants to take the chance that she will breed back for them.    



 Purebred Saanen buckling from Hoyt Farms Dandy Girl and Moonshine.  This kid was born on March 25, 2015 and is about ready to go.  He says he is a BUCK and I don't want to find out he really is ready to sire kids.  He is a big, level kid and the picture is not current.  He does have those Moonshine big ears but they are not as large as they appear in the picture below.  He is $350.


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