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NUBIANS:  We have four baby bucks left for sale.  All are purebred Nubians were born in May so likely won't be ready to breed by Fall.  $150 for any of them at weaning in July, disbudded, tattooed, and with registration application.  Blackie x Cracker Jack produced two bucks. They are shown in the first two pictures below.  Blackie is a very good milker who can easily raise two kids, have plenty of milk left for me, and not loose much weight doing so!   Freedom x Cracker Jack has one buck for sale and Flashy x Skribble has one. Freedom freshened with a very nice yearling udder but I really like the looks of Flashy's buck! 


We should have one Nubian doeling for sale later in the summer.  Either from Fortune x Skribble or Freedom x Cracker Jack.  And I may end up keeping both! 




Blackie x Jack bucklings 2 days old

Blackie x Jack bucks 3 weeks old
Blackie x Jack bucks 3 weeks old

Flashy x Skribble 2016 buck 2 days old
Flashy and Freedom bucks 2 weeks old

SAANENS:  We still have two Saanen yearlings due to freshen in June. Both are Americans and both are bred to Two-Ceders Frank.   Foxy is due June 11 and Fiddlesticks is due on June 16.  Plans are to sell one of these yearlings as the herd is getting too large.  And, hopefully, we will get a doeling sired by Frank!








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