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 Pygmy kids are all sold for 2014.



Purebred yearling Nubians, Don't I Dance and Dew Drop both have April doe kids sired by Big Talker. At least one of these kids will be for sale in late fall.  Their bucklings have both been sold.  The doe kids have been sold pending deposit. 
Only one purebred Nubian buck left for sale!    On April 6, April x Big Talker produced a big brown buckling along with a doeling for me.  The buckling is for sale for $250.  He is a very smoothly blended kid with April's lovely profile and Big Talker's size.  He is pictured below at 1 month old.  SOLD.

April's buck




Our three experimental does have kidded and all kids have been sold.  




The young does came through with single doe kids.  Calliope, Dandy and Dazzle had doelings.  We will be retaining Dazzle's kid until mid-October and then she will be for sale.  She is an American, sired by Zeus and is very large and has incredible width throughout.   Dandy's kid sired by Moonshine is a purebred and will be retained.     Calliope's kid, also sired by Moonshine, is an American and she has been sold.


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